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Resource Depletion
Water and Fish
Water Depletion
oil depletion
Coal Depletion
Tree Depletion
Petroleum and Natural Gases depletion
fossol fuel depletion

Water and Fishing Usage Limatations


        You do not think of water depleting, and it doesn't.  In many ways though we are using more than the supplies that earth gives us.  With the population doubling so has the amount of water that we.  Also different forms of limit the use that we can use. Ice caps in the poles holds majority of the worlds fresh water. It causes millions of dollars to De-salt ocean water. Pollution has caused the water source availability to drop in many un-kept places.  Gases also can be used once the gas condenses and we clean the water due to acid rain.  Most of the water availability comes from relatively clean lakes and rivers, along with soil water.
        Originally fish was the main reason for European growth in the northwest. This has left many of the fish very small or extinct. Fish, which is a resource, is now harder to come by. We have created new laws to become more and more abundant. The total fishing quantities has declined by a large percent.

         On the contrary there is also a reason to beleive that the world will never run out of water due to the fact that ground water is being found and the water never actually leaves the ozone.

thanks Ms.Brown Sheila Mcfall and Mountain park public library for providing all the neccesary resources for our project