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Resource Depletion
Water Depletion
oil depletion
Coal Depletion
Tree Depletion
Petroleum and Natural Gases depletion
fossol fuel depletion

      Oil is depleting at an alarming rate.

Engine Parts

     Oil runs this pistin which is found in the engines of the cars

       Another great problem is oil depletion this is a major problem with the new century in which gas is a major factor on whether people go to work or not. Although we enjoy many of the new technical advances this new world has created. It has also created many gas gobbling SUV’s. Of the worlds many ways to get energy forty percent of the world energy comes from oil. In order to solve the problem we must understand the magnitude of the problem. Since the world’s primary use is oil (we use about 77 million barrels (one barrel being about 42 (U.S.) gallons) daily). The biggest extractors of oil are Saudi Arabia, Russia, the United States, and Mexico. The largest exporter of oil is Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Norway. The greatest importers are the United States, Japan, Korea, and Germany. As I said oil depletion is a great problem.
         Price of oil is increasing very rapidly. Now 80 million barrels each day are produced, but why is it so high? The answer is the prices will peak and suddenly drop. Some say it will peak near 2016, others say 2040, today most of the oil comes from the Middle East this includes Quatar, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, and UAE. (National Geographic June 2004)

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thanks Ms.Brown Sheila Mcfall and Mountain park public library for providing all the neccesary resources for our project