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Resource Depletion

Petroleum and Natural Gases

Water Depletion
oil depletion
Coal Depletion
Tree Depletion
Petroleum and Natural Gases depletion
fossol fuel depletion

        petroleum and natural gases are being used at a rate that is much higher than the rate it is being produced at so petroleum will be hard to maintain over the years

New York City Taxis

Cars use petroleum and natural gasses to run

               The U.S. has huge reserves of cool, petroleum and natural gas. In 1970 fuels sold for 20-30 cents a gallon. Now prices go over $2.00.The Department of Energy (DOE) Oversees the development of energy technologies. This includes nuclear fusion research and development. They are developing new forms of energy and energy conservation to slow the rate of depletion and its effect after it is consumed. (Environmental Encyclopedia, William P.Cunningham, Ference H.Cooper, Eville Gorham, Malcom T. Hepworth. -Editors/Gate Research-Publisher- Specific encyclopedia).
       Modern civilization depends on natural resources, mineral fuels. Unlike mineral raw materials this resources can all be used up. At the current rate of fuel use we will run out in one or two centuries. When fuels do run out people may depend on solar energy to power cars and factories home heating will use nuclear energy uranium, which will last many centuries. Space satellites already run on solar energy, this will help to jump-start the wide spread use solar energy. At this time scientist are attempting to combine nuclear energy with hydrogen to produce new types energy. This is already in some motor vehicles. Also, the fumes of current factories and automobiles pollute the air, killing trees and endangering human health. The fumes are less dangerous then the fumes in this new mixture.
       Petroleum and oil are expected to run out in approximately 200 years. When this happens the reliance will increase. Currently there is 750 billion tons of coal, 80% of which is in U.S., U.S.S.R., and China. Fossil fuels are considered non-renewable resources because it takes a million years to create something that we are using much more rapidly than it is being created. This is also why we are becoming more reliant on clean and renewable resources.


thanks Ms.Brown Sheila Mcfall and Mountain park public library for providing all the neccesary resources for our project