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Resource Depletion
fossol fuels
Water Depletion
oil depletion
Coal Depletion
Tree Depletion
Petroleum and Natural Gases depletion
fossol fuel depletion

      We are useing Fossil fuels at much higher rate that our past fathers.

Animated Backhoe

         Fossil Fuels form over millions of years when animals and plants die and decay. There are three forms of fossil fuels solid called coal, liquid called petroleum or oil, and gas called natural gas. Use of fossil fuels outnumbers the production and extraction of it. Used to power cars and factories. 90% of the U.S.'s energy comes from oil. The solution is to use other sources of energy, but we already are too dependent on fossil fuel to back away from its usage.
        Fossil Fuels are the biggest cause of pollution in the world, producing soot and other harmful gases. It takes a million years to produce the amount of fossil fuels the people of earth use in a single year Energy can be drawn from the sun, water, and wind to produce a clean form of energy. Coal is a very clean source of energy. Energy also comes from biomass, electrical storage, and nuclear energy. Coal is a very good source of energy, but when it is burned it produces much more pollutants than any
other fossil fuel.


thanks Ms.Brown Sheila Mcfall and Mountain park public library for providing all the neccesary resources for our project