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Resource Depletion
Water Depletion
oil depletion
Coal Depletion
Tree Depletion
Petroleum and Natural Gases depletion
fossol fuel depletion

Overmining in China

Mountains 4

Over mining has been a great problem over the past couple years. It has caused depletion of sources and illegal mining throughout China. Illegal mining is mostly composed of many smaller mines to keep from being detected from safety organizations. Years ago 8,000 small coalmines likes ones in Chinese cities such as pangwangxiang accounted for 15% of coal production worldwide. These small mines include safety hazards like out of date technology, which wasted the mines resources and caused environmental damage. From 1980-2000 China wasted 28 billion tons of coal. It is predicted that within 75 years the world will have used up all the worlds coal, natural gas, and oil that is extractable.

Coal is expected to deplete in 75 years

thanks Ms.Brown Sheila Mcfall and Mountain park public library for providing all the neccesary resources for our project